Tara Picardy

Say hello to Coach Tara Picardy! As one of Treehouse’s most experienced coaches, Tara has helped pioneer Treehouse’s training programs from the very start. She and Coach Dave began their fitness journey together back in 2005 when they opened North Shore CrossFit, and since then it’s been a full sprint!

When Tara is not coaching at the Treehouse, she’s crushing it as a Paralegal with North Shore Legal. Her favorite job, however, is being an amazing mother to her 3 children! For Tara, the best part about being a Coach is the reward of helping athletes reach their goals and seeing their confidence grow inside and outside the gym because of it. More importantly, the many friendships and relationships that her and her family have been a part of over the years. She considers the Treehouse community an extension of her own family!

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