My Membership

Your specific membership allows you access to the corresponding area of the gym, and that area only! The Treehouse is a Personalized-Coaching Training Experience. However, the Treehouse does offer joint memberships combining access to both Brazilian Top Team, North Shore CrossFit and Personal Training. If you have thoughts on a membership plan that we don’t currently offer, please do not hesitate to reach out! TEXT us at (978) 490-1223.

If you need to make changes to your membership please visit the change of membership form.


The North Shore CrossFit memberships grant athletes access to a wide variety of equipment all within the North Shore CrossFit Training Area. Visit the program page for info on how to start & what to expect!

  • During scheduled training there is no access for non-CrossFit members.
  • If the gym is open and there is no scheduled group training this area is the only area open to train with rules.
    • Must be working in a program under a Coach’s supervision to use this area.
    • This area cannot use during an active session.

Our North Shore CrossFit / Lift & Move Coaches include Coach Spencer Vinton, Coach Dave Picardy, Coach Christopher Pierce, Coach Damon Farese, Coach Jack O’Brien & Coach Cassia Picardy.

Group Training Director – Coach Spencer Vinton –

Turf & Cardio Area
This is a shared area between Personal Training and Group Training including the turf, sleds, bikes, rowers & boxes.

  • If both programs are using the space at the same time make adjustments and accommodate.


Treehouse Personal Training memberships allow members to train in a private/semi private setting with their Coach, solely in the Personal Training Area. Visit the program page for info on how to start & what to expect!

  • Dedicated area for the Treehouse’s professional coaches to train their clients. 
  • Clients can only train during scheduled sessions with their coach(es).
  • Members must be a personal training client with an appointment to access this area.

Our PT Coaches include Coach PJ Bock, Coach Brandon Boutin, Coach Spencer Vinton, & Coach Josh Scalia!

Personal Training Director – Coach PJ Bock –


Brazilian Top Team North Shore memberships grant members access to the equipment & mats on/under the mezzanine known as the Brazilian Top Team Area. Visit the program page for info on how to start & what to expect!

  • Dedicated area for Brazilian Top Team to run BJJ, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling and MMA classes, & private training.  
  • Members in this area must be checked in to the gym and with an instructor.

BTT North Shore instructors include Louis Torres, Zach Danesh, Jose Atiles, Nick Chum, Sean Rubchinuk, & Abdullah Anwar!

BTT North Shore Director – Louis Torres –


If you have questions about billing or adjusting your membership, please text us at (978) 490-1223. In your message please include your full name, email & phone number on file so we can locate your account!