Brazilian Top Team North Shore

IMPORTANT: All new BTT members will attend the Beginner BJJ class on Tuesday night (of the week you join) at 6:00 PM for your first session.

Brazilian Top Team North Shore has developed some the World’s top fighters such as former UFC Middleweight Championship holder Murilo Bustamante, the Nogueira Brothers, Vitor Belfort, Rousimar Palhares, Mario Sperry, former WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho and BTT North Shore’s head instructor Aniss El Hajjajy, a former Desert Force Champion

BTT specializes in Brazilian Jui Jitsu training, however their instructors are also experts in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and other MMA fighting styles. The BTT academies are inclusive of both adult and kids training.

Their team of professional instructors and students compete every month, and have most recently earned State, National & World Championships! The Treehouse is honored to have the Brazilian Top Team as part of our family! Check them out for real at

How to Start | What to Expect

Bringing combat sports to the Treehouse, Brazilian Top Team North Shore is one of the oldest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools around. With dozens of black belts training under their expert instructors, BTT North Shore provides a unique variety of experience to the community. Any and all experience is welcome, whether you’re an advanced competition student or just starting out on the mats.

When joining as a new BTT member, you will attend the Beginner BJJ class on Tuesday night (of the week you join) at 6:00 PM for your first session. Tuesday nights are used as an opportunity to onboard all our newbies and get them acclimated to the program. Beginner classes also meet every weeknight at 6:00 PM, and those new to BJJ are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible!

No footwear is allowed on the mats, so be prepared to go barefoot. Bring a water bottle with you, and please wear athletic style clothing (no zippers, buttons or anything that could cause injury). Any gymwear works great! See you on the mats… let’s roll!

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