Bright Spot: The DeRosas

Here at the Treehouse we have the privilege to name more than a few “Power Couples” as members of our Community: LeBlancs, Toomeys, Rouisses, Gillespies, Guerrettes, and the DeRosas. Both Lexy and Neil have made some pretty remarkable transformations both in and out of the gym. I had the opportunity to sit down and speak to them about their experiences over the last 2 years. Without spoiling the interview, what these two have accomplished in… Read More

Bright Spot: Cindy Jourdain

It’s Friday and it’s time for another Bright Spot. This week our feature is Cindy Jourdain. Cindy is a regular attendee of our PM classes and since starting in January has really embraced the idea of a growth mindset by taking on physical challenges outside of the gym (GoRuck, Spartan OCR’s) to learn what she is capable of. Don’t let her quietness in the gym fool you, she is ROARING and is yet another BAMF… Read More

Bright Spot: Jeannine Pelkey

If you don’t know Jeannine, let me tell you that she’s a BAMF that has been kissed by fire! She deserves to wear that Wonder Woman outfit you see in the picture below. She’s been through a fight and carries it with a grace that few can. No victim mentality allowed. Instead she’s like MF’s I need to get my sexy on for the bikini. It’s the lightheartedness that makes her a joy to be… Read More