Sam Klyce

Growing up, my dad was always in the
gym, so to me it was a natural part of life. He also had his fair share of injuries yet demonstrated how
movement can be medicine if you let it.

I decided early on that I wanted to be in the fitness/movement
field in some way and felt that a path of becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant would scratch that itch. And it did, but not quite enough.

I worked in a busy outpatient clinic for the last 4 years, seeing a new patient every half hour and it was rewarding, but also very exhausting. Almost daily I was faced with the
question of “But what now?” My patients were told their insurance wouldn’t cover more therapy but they still wanted to weight train, run, do yoga, box, play tennis, soccer, and just be able to live their life beyond the barrier of “functional”.

I decided to get my Personal training certification to blend my knowledge of the rehabilitation world with application in a gym setting.

I originally connected with Treehouse when I collaborated with them to put on a 3-part series last summer for runners. (If you virtually attended, thank you!)

As of the beginning of 2021, I’ve been welcomed to the team and I am looking forward to seeing this community grow!

I absolutely love working one on one with clients, building a personal relationship, and to help them achieve their goals.

There is an infinite amount of value in having a fitness program catered to you! Being able to look at all parts of a client’s life and design something that fits into it. Not the other way around.

I incorporate a well rounded approach to training that includes working around old injuries, current injuries or any modifications that your body may need while still helping clients realize that you can still be strong and that avoidance of movement often leads you
farther from your goals!

My favorite client understands she needs to be ready to put the work in, and nothing that is worth it happened over night and that doesn’t change with a fitness journey.

I strive to educate my clients so that they leave understanding:

  • Their own bodies better
  • Compensations they tend to make
  • Can problem solve when a workout combination isn’t right for them or for if there is a flare-up of an old injury
    (Seeing as many of us will deal with that hiccup at one point or another.)
  • How to move better and feel a hell of a lot stronger.

    As a Mom myself, and having had multiple trainings regarding the changes the body goes through when
    pregnant and post; I have an extra special place in my heart for Mamas. I love to work with women throughout their life and to show them that they can exercise through pregnancy there are just a few
    little things to keep in mind. Our bodies are different after a baby but in no way less capable!

Favorite Exercise: Conventional Deadlift (one benefit of hyper-mobile posterior hip)
Least Favorite: Pull ups (One day they won’t be my nemesis but that day is not today)

Hobbies: Working out at Treehouse, Yoga at Cape Ann Power Yoga, reading, Hula Hooping, hiking or walking with my dogs, spending time with my Fiancé and 1 year old son!

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