Personal Coaching

Your path to your best self starts here.

Personal coaching at Treehouse is much more than just a workout, our coaches approach each client as a true individual. Your dedicated personal coach will work with you to design a customized program for your specific needs and goals. We will help you build healthy habits that you will keep for life!

Improving your fitness is a slow process. We all have different needs when we start a new strength and conditioning program. It doesn’t make sense to throw you into a one-size-fits-all program. At Treehouse, you will learn the foundations of fitness, how to properly engage your body, and you will have an understanding in how to scale each movement if you’re not yet able to master everything.

Treehouse offers a variety of packages that can be created to cater to each member’s personal goals, physical condition, and financial needs.

Benefits of personal coaching

Setting achievable goals

Look good, feel good, live healthier… or all of the above. Whatever your reasons for being here, we will help you identify them and get the results you want.

Flexible schedules

Work with your own dedicated personal coach and pick a time that works best for you and your busy schedule.

Skill development

Want to conquer your first pull up or dial in your lifting technique? Personal coaching is a great way to focus and strengthen specific skills.

Specialized sport programming

If you are training for a specific event your coach will tailor your program to meet the needs and demands you will see in your event or sport. This will help you gain a valuable edge over your competition.

Accountability and support

Your coach will help you keep track of your progress, from where you’re at, to where you’re going, and how far you’ve gone. We will check in with you constantly and help keep you accountable to stay on track with your goals.

Nutritional coaching

What you eat has a lot to do with your success and overall wellness. Your coach will help you identify the right nutritional path.

Scaling and injury attention

If you have a medical history, disability, or other risk factors that need extra attention, our personal coaches will work with you on your current abilities and where you are working to go.

Ready to get started?

Schedule an intro session and to learn how we can help you meet your goals!