High School Athletics

Treehouse Athletics is a program designed to bring high level weightlifting and program instruction to high school athletes and coaches. The program is run by USAW Senior Coach Dave Picardy and Coach T.J Baril.

Weightlifting is our expertise. Working with high level Strength coaches is not readily available for most high school athletes. Too often we see young athletes not giving themselves enough time or doing the right things to have their strength training work for them. In the industry we see athletic training programs delivering skills, drills and conditioning programs at a relatively high level. What they are lacking is a proper strength and power development program. The main reason is because that is not their expertise. The second is there is not enough time in the session to do it all. Treehouse Athletics believes that proper progressions in weightlifting are the key for athletic success. We deliver our skills, drills and conditioning in our warm up drills and at the end of sessions. The core of our program is reserved for what counts, getting strong and powerful. Let Treehouse Athletics put your program together and help you reach your goals.


All training camps come with unlimited access to the gym and fitness program!

When you are not in season it is time to make athletic improvements. Use your time wisely. Our camps focus on getting you stronger, faster & more powerful. Our coaches will take you to the next level.

Monthly Off Season Training

Monday-Thursday 3:30-4:30pm
$129- 2days per week. SIGN UP HERE
$169 – 4 days per week SIGN UP HERE

Summer 6 week Training Camp



90 minute clinics designed to progress athletes in advanced lifting skills. Done right, weightlifting produces the power and speed required to compete at a high level in high school and college sports. Your athletes will learn proper progressions for power cleans, squats, pressing, deadlifts, as well as in and out of season training plans.


This course is specially designed for High School Coaches. Learn the lifts and how to teach them to your athletes. We understand not every athlete on your team can come to Treehouse Athletics for training. It is an important skill for a coach to be able to teach and understand strength fundamentals and progressions. Sending your athletes to the weight room or gym to get stronger in season and off season can produce much better results. Let us help you design a winning strength program!

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