North Shore CrossFit Group Training

Far more than a group fitness class, North Shore CrossFit is individual coaching in a TEAM setting.

North Shore CrossFit is one of the original CrossFit affiliates in the world.  The 36th original CrossFit affiliate.  We deliver the CrossFit methodology the way we learned it so many years ago.  We are not a competitive CrossFit games gym.  Our program focuses on delivering a fun and safe strength and conditioning program.  Our focus is teaching you how to run, jump, throw, pick up heavy things and be a functioning well rounded human. We believe you are capable of learning new skills and becoming “better than yesterday “  That is why our program is progression based. We teach you how to move and the progressions needed to practice to get better at movement and health.  You start at your own level and intensity.  It is not a race. You should always feel good when training and improve gradually over time.  Our general fitness program provides you with the base strength, skill, and conditioning to support anything you do or want to do in life. Come check us out to see why we have been so successful in helping people just like you love the process of becoming their best version.  

Power & Strength Classes*

Workouts are different every day and altered for each participant’s level.

Program is a progressive resistance program and members are encouraged to record their volume in the coaching app we use, to be able to appropriately load each week and improve their strength!

Each ~60 min training session includes:

  • A warm-up portion strategically chosen to compliment what is the focus of that workout
  • A strength portion focused on a compound lift.
  • A conditioning portion
  • A friendly and knowledgeable coach who will be able to provide cueing regarding form and layout of class.

Skills & Conditioning Classes

Faster paced and higher intensity class!

Similar to a boot-camp style class focused on utilizing body-weight, dumbbells and kettlebells! Modifications are always available to cater to all levels of ability!

Each 60 min class will perform a variety of exercises aimed at getting your heart rate up, building strength and coordination.

How to Start | What to Expect

North Shore CrossFit is a general fitness preparedness program inclusive of all levels of training experience. Those new to North Shore CrossFit, schedule an intro with our Group Training Director, Spencer, where you can come and check out the gym, get an overview of the program, discuss your goals, and go over any questions you may have. At the conclusion of your intro meeting, Coach Spencer will get you set up with a membership and coordinate a time for you to attend your first group session!

If you are entirely new to CrossFit style training, we require our newbies to sign up for our New Group Training Education plan. This includes 4 30-minute personal training sessions to learn the fundamentals needed to participate in group training.

Ready to get started?

Schedule an intro session and to learn how we can help you meet your goals!