Fitness Tracking: How and Why?

When most new clients come to us for training, they typically fall into 1 of 3 categories: 1) Want to look better 2) Want to feel better 3) Want to perform better These 3 metrics are relatively easy to agree upon a baseline measurement as well as how to track progress. For example, for the first client, before and after photos would be an excellent manner of tracking progress. For our second example, we could utilize… Read More

Viking Stew Recipe

The DeRosa’s have shared an amazing recipe that is quite simple to make and will provide ample leftover for meal prep, depending on how many you have in the household. Here are the ingredients: 2 lbs chuck roast, grass fed3 Medium Size Russet potatoes1 stalk of celery5 Carrots, with carrot tops if available2 yellow onions3 shallots4 Cups beef broth2oz dried wild mushrooms1 tomato paste3 Bay Leaves4 sprigs fresh Rosemary4 sprigs fresh OreganoSalt and Pepper to… Read More

Twelve Steps to Owning Your Life

How does one own their life? It’s time for us to stand up and be accountable for the life we are living. I love the saying “what comes around goes around.” Why? Because we are all living life and learning to live in this life, we all go through the same things, just differently. We perceive things different, we interpret our stories different, we are all here trying to make sense of it all. Perhaps… Read More

Let’s Talk Recovery

What is Recovery and why do we need to do recovery work? These are two very important questions that need to be discussed and looked at. First let’s define Recovery. Recovery is what we do to sustain mental, emotional and physical balance in our daily lives. We need to fuel and hydrate the body, we need to rest the body, and we need to stretch and allow the body to repair. Our bodies are under… Read More