Cassia Picardy

Introducing Coach Cassia Picardy! Coach Cassia is the newest addition to the Treehouse team of professional coaches. Being the youngest Picardy, she is no stranger to the training industry as her first steps were on the Treehouse mats. With that, Cassia has an experienced training & running background, and has competed in the gym her whole life. As an intern at Treehouse she earned her L1 CrossFit Certificate, and is now coaching a variety of group sessions at the Treehouse while attending Salem State for her undergraduate degree.

When she’s not in the gym, you can find Coach Cassia studying or working at Peabody Essex Museum where she specializes visitor engagement! Come hang at the Treehouse to see Cassia in action!
Oh yeah, and she completed MURPH in 27 minutes… No big deal

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