Spencer Vinton

Spencer joined the fitness industry through the university he is graduating from, Endicott College. As he is currently a senior at Endicott, Spencer has been around the fitness world since he could first start training and building muscle for athletic competitions.

As a football, baseball, basketball athlete in high school, as well as a rugby athlete in college, Spencer has constantly been around fitness and its growth over the recent years. Endicott college has introduced Spencer to many internship opportunities, including one recent one at Treehouse! Because of this opportunity, and the growth that is being seen in the fitness industry as well as the sheer enjoyment that comes with the development everyone sees through proper training, Spencer plans to stay in the fitness industry for the duration of his career.

Spencer enjoys working with developing athletes, as well as any clients that seek to improve their fitness, experience muscle growth, and who have the drive to make themselves healthier!

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Bench and Deadlift
FAVORITE WORKOUT: Anything with agility and exercises to enhance athletic performance in competition.

HOBBIES: Recreational basketball, baseball and other sports, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors back home in Vermont, as well as traveling and staying active while he still has the opportunities to do so!

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