Josh Scalia

When I was in high school I played football and we had a strength and conditioning coach for the team. At the time in high school I was very overweight and shy and most of my life was bullied because of my weight. The coach that we had really helped me become active and show me the proper way to exercise and I ended up losing 60 pounds my junior going into senior year. With his guidance it really helped shape the right lifestyle for me and made me become more confident in who I was. 

I was inspired to become a coach to help others gain the happiness and the confidence that I received from a coach. 

I’m in the fitness industry now because of many different reasons. I enjoy working with people, giving people that path to happiness and confidence, and giving back to my community. But the main reason I’m still in the industry was because I saw the impact it had on my family. Many people in my family were unhealthy and overweight, seeing my mom push herself to be healthier and lose weight really brought the best out of her. Mom and I did everything together growing up until she couldn’t anymore, mainly from being tired or in pain. After the weight loss and the health change, it felt like I got my fun mom back. I coach today to give that path to not only make your life better for you… but to give the people that care about you, a better life with you in theirs. 

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Bench press!!!!! 

LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE: Running. My mom always asked when people would run “do you need a ride?”

HOBBIES: I’m a dj (which means I’m a party all the time), Being loud!, video game enthusiast, and going on adventures. 

I love to work with people of all backgrounds and builds. My favorite types of programs for training: 

Beginners – if it’s your first time making this lifestyle change for a better future. 

Middle school-college athletics – working with athletes to maximize performance in your sport. 

Parents – trying to get active again or even for the first time.  Be able to keep up with your kids!

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