Damon Farese

Damon was involved in athletics growing up and his participation resulted in a serious back injury from football which started to make enjoying life difficult.

Typical to many of our clients, Damon first attempted to self treat the injury. When YouTube tutorials for back pain relief and various gym memberships to large one-size-fits-all gyms were not working anymore, Damon decided he needed more help.

He surrounded himself with a great support system and enlisted the help of the coaches at Treehouse. Almost 70 pounds down from his heaviest, Damon has a renewed vigor for life and has returned to doing the things he loves like basketball, bartending, running, lifting and even cooking and cleaning have become enjoyable!

After first being a client at Treehouse for a year, Damon came on board as a staff member. Damon’s primary purpose is to help others achieve the same success he has, and to have fun while doing it.

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