The New Normal

We are now 17 days into shutdown mode and with orders to remain at home at least until May 5th, we have to accept this as a temporary “New Normal”.

Today I wanted to go through some ideas on how to try and make the most out of a most unusual time. This is by no means complete and I encourage you to share any ideas you have come up with of your own.

  • Set up a daily schedule
  • What time will you wake up?
  • Time of day you eat your meals
    • Meal Prep for the week in a larger block
    • Daily prep based on desires
  • Physical Training/Exercise
    • Resistance training
    • Conditioning
    • High intensity v Moderate intensity v Low intensity
    • Yoga/Stretching/Mobility
  • Self improvement (25 minute blocks 1x per day or more if desired and time is available)
    • Read a book
    • Start a new hobby
    • Home projects – if you have more time on your hands
  • Family Time
    • Assist with homeschooling
    • Virtual Tours
    • Family exercise
    • Board Games
  • Social Media & Media Consumption
    • How much per day
    • What channels

Again, this list is by no means complete and I know that many people feel confined to strict schedules or are not used to running with such a regimented routine. BUT, this is not what most are used. Many people find they have more time on their hands then they would normally or maybe still have responsibilities but struggle with organization.

Looking through the above bulleted list can be very useful and aid in productivity while at the same time provide some real sanity as well. As I stated in opening, this is going to be at least another month where the vast majority will be asked to stay home and the quicker you put in place structure the better you will be in the long term.