Bright Spot: Cindy Jourdain

It’s Friday and it’s time for another Bright Spot. This week our feature is Cindy Jourdain. Cindy is a regular attendee of our PM classes and since starting in January has really embraced the idea of a growth mindset by taking on physical challenges outside of the gym (GoRuck, Spartan OCR’s) to learn what she is capable of.

Don’t let her quietness in the gym fool you, she is ROARING and is yet another BAMF that we love having around as a member of our community.

TH: When and why did you first join Treehouse?

CJ: I joined Treehouse January of this year because I was unhappy and insecure with the few extra pounds I was carrying from my pregnancies. I wanted to do something for myself…feel good about myself again.

TH: What was your greatest struggle in health and fitness?

CJ: I lacked the discipline to stick to a regular fitness center. I needed more of a challenge, something that would keep me motivated.

TH: What has been your greatest victory since joining?

CJ: Since joining Treehouse I’ve lost ten pounds, my endurance has increased and my energy levels are higher. I’ve learned to be patient with myself, no longer anxiously awaiting results more so setting small goals and working towards them. There are days I show up knowing I’m going Rambo on the WOD, other days not so much- and that is OK!

TH: How has that impacted your life outside of the gym?

CJ: Treehouse has allowed me to grow on a personal and physical level. I’m happier, less stressed and way more confident. I find myself eager to try things outside of my comfort zone and encourage others to do the same. The community support and seasoned approach from the Coaches has been key in my success this far. I look forward to new challenges and continued growth alongside all of you.

Editor Note: Since we first spoke with Cindy, she finished 46 amongst 425 females in her age group in the most recent Fenway Spartan Race. 346 amongst 2923 overall females and 1356 amongst 6373 men and women that competed. (Top 21.2%)

Cindy’s performance was top 10% in her age group and top 12% for all female participants and top 21% for all participants (both male and female of all age groups). Awesome work!!

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