Twelve Steps to Owning Your Life

How does one own their life? It’s time for us to stand up and be accountable for the life we are living. I love the saying “what comes around goes around.” Why? Because we are all living life and learning to live in this life, we all go through the same things, just differently. We perceive things different, we interpret our stories different, we are all here trying to make sense of it all. Perhaps by finding your truth and living by the codes you feel others should be living, then maybe you should, STOP, and look within first. Try practicing these 12 Steps, if you think about it, everything is a practice.

Step One:
Make The Choice, To Own Your Life.

Step Two:
Be conscious of your words, actions, reactions. Tape record yourself for the day and hear for yourself the way you interpret your life. How and what you say to others and about yourself.

Step Three:
Stop blaming and judging others for anything, everything, including yourself. Remember if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything.

Step Four:
Realize from this moment on, you are perfect just being you.

Step Five:

Step Six:
Bring it home, if you are aware of others shortcomings, be aware it is yours. Same thing if you hate something or someone it only reflects something or someone in you that you have ignored, stuffed or denied.

Step Seven:
Stop making EXCUSES and take ACTION to move forward.

Step Eight:
Know the only thing that matters is what you do in this moment.

Step Nine:
Face your fears of the unknown, fear NOTHING, NO ONE, not even yourself!

Step Ten:
You are the only one who makes choices in your life. Why, When, Where, What and Who your reasons are for, don’t make the choice fall on them. You choose it.

Step Eleven:
Your world, your responsibility. Know what the word responsibility feels like not what your thoughts were about responsibility.

Step Twelve:
Its all a story. Your life is a story, you are writing it, you star in the leading role. Know the act you are playing, why and who are the characters you have chosen to play scenes out with, they are teaching you something more than you are them. You always have the power to rewrite it. Narrate your story and listen to how you tell it. Do you even know what the truth of the story is? You owe it to yourself to find the truth. Be an investigative reporter and write your truth. Live your truth.