Optimal Health


Things to remember in learning to fuel the body for optimal health and performance.

We need to clean up your food and learn to eat foods that are working with YOUR body and not against it. Eating whole, unprocessed foods with a rich complement of fat and other nutrients is not unhealthy. OVEREATING refined carbohydrates is. The goal is optimal health and quality of life.

Things to remember when choosing foods:

  • KEEP it simple
  • Nothing processed
  • Bacon, sausage, deli meat or beef jerky these are not off limit, but use occasionally
  • Find pasteurized, organic, grass fed, wild caught
  • Find brands that are minimally processed with ingredients you can pronounce, otherwise avoid it
  • Use unrefined coconut oils or animal fats for sautéing, pan frying, broiling, and roasting instead of oils they sustain the elements of high heat cooking which is healthier.
  • Oils tend to lose all essential health benefits at higher heat. They are best for salads, and low temp quick cooking.
  • Always vary your protein source from day to day.
  • Try new things.
  • Experiment with food, try new ones, old ones you didn’t like, your taste buds will change over the weeks so keep adding new healthy veggies, proteins, fruits
  • Shop fresh. Go to farmers markets.
  • Eat quality meats from animals that graze on grass
  • Remember vegetarian fed means there could be soy and grains in what you are eating


  • Sweeteners and sugars are not your friend
  • Did you know that juicing your fruit takes the fiber out, which would normally slow the absorption of the sugar as a whole fruit? Plus it is more satisfying to eat the fruit whole. If you are addicted to sugar then stop juicing for a while. It will spike your insulin levels and you will only crave sugar more.


  • Eating too much fat makes you fat…
  • Healthy fats are ONLY good when you have given up the extra added sugar and processed foods
  • Saturated fat found in REAL food makes you healthy
  • Stick with your healthier nut for 30 days
  • Eat nuts RAW
  • The best nuts are macadamias, cashews and hazelnuts

Making the adjustment

If you find especially in the first few weeks or even days that you are starving and withdrawals are making you want to eat your own hand, eat more meals small protein and lots of veggies it is better then snacking all day or starving yourself until you can get a meal in. That will not serve you well, you want to be mindful eating not sucking it down and then saying okay what the heck did I just eat.

  • Preparation is so important.
  • Prepare and have veggies ready.
  • Have at least a couple meals made and ready to choose from.
  • Try and make enough for at least two meals every time you cook
  • Have fun, chew, and enjoy your food. Try saying thank you with each bite or every time you swallow
  • This will keep you mindful of your purpose, with each bite I am moving toward my best self.
  • Try eating without distractions… move away from stress. Remember the first meal is just as important as the next
  • Using Spices
  • Try using fresh herbs they really do make a difference in flavor
  • Drink lots of water add fruits or herbs to create your own flavors
  • Exercise at least 15 mins a day
  • Whatever you choose to do make it fun and always improve speed and performance.
  • Take time to laugh
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Treat yourself to the best life because you deserve the best
  • Make choices based on leading you in the direction of that best life
  • Meditate. Envision optimal health.
  • See yourself achieving your goals and setting new ones.