Let’s Talk Recovery

What is Recovery and why do we need to do recovery work? These are two very important questions that need to be discussed and looked at. First let’s define Recovery. Recovery is what we do to sustain mental, emotional and physical balance in our daily lives. We need to fuel and hydrate the body, we need to rest the body, and we need to stretch and allow the body to repair. Our bodies are under constant stress physically, mentally and emotionally we are abusing them and pushing them to the limits. We are constantly on the go, constant lock down to a desk. Most of us live according to an inner code, all or nothing. Never finding a true balance or better yet our own alignment for our life. We look at recovery as a separate thing that needs to be added into our life when we become injured. Recovery should be a part of your daily routine. It should be part of our wellness plan to live a healthier fitter life style. Recovery is not separate from, but a part of the plan.

There are many different ways to focus on recovery before and after physical activity.

Food and water are essential in order for optimal performance. Your body wants and needs nutrition to perform, to heal, to survive.

Rest is essential for the body to repair muscles, rebuild and strengthen, this will help maintain a balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

Active Recovery, low impact exercising, modifying intensity, foam rolling, stretching, and massage. Anything that is actively moving your body in full range of motion so the body doesn’t become stagnate and tight.

The most IMPORTANT thing is, listen to your bodies, who knows your body better then you do, or do you? Are you listening to your body? Do you know what your body needs? I bet most of you have not taken the time to really pay attention to what your body needs. I actually bet that even if you are paying attention you are ignoring and pushing through pain, discomfort, hunger, sleep deprivation, thirst, or the voice that speaks from within. Recovery has to be a part of your daily life. When we start incorporating recovery into our routine of health and wellness then we will really start to see results. We will see our performance improve, we will see our emotional well-being start to shift, we will see that our minds become even sharper. Can you imagine being able to listen to your body and know exactly what it is telling you. Imagine knowing what foods your body needs to fuel, knowing which nutrients your body is in need of to help the repair process. Can you imagine recovery as a part of your well balanced life style?

Your health and wellness regimen is yours and yours alone, no two people do anything the exact same way. There are templates and formats for groups but you need to find your own personal individualized plan. One that is geared specifically for you needs, your life style, your overall wellness. Set up a time with our massage and manual therapists to discuss your plan!

I can give you the tools to help you start discovering and uncovering your own inner potential for wellness and balance. I can guide you and give you tools but the one thing I cannot give you is the motivation, the determination, the drive that will push you to go beyond your limits. You must want this, and you must feel that this is what it is going to take for you to find your perfect balanced wellness lifestyle. You are the only one who can make changes and make those changes stick.